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Children's Achievements

School Room Make Music - 2017

Australia day was part of the cultural awareness in January. School room embrace the culture through Aboriginal art and attempting to play the digeridoo in their band. Children in the band learnt to listen to each other, take turns and make as much noise as possible! All children took their roles seriously. We would like to say a huge thank you to parent who showed us how it should be played!

2-3’s Still Art Class

Learning about the world and the great people who have influenced it. 2-3 were inspired by the great artists. Children were shown a selection of great art pieces and through a process of elimination ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gogh was the chosen piece. The children were inspired to produce their own version of this classic. To recreate and give a visual point of reference a still life flower was displayed. The children made their own masterpieces' which are on display on the stairway walls.

Christmas 2016

Christmas play preparations started early as normal at the Big Robins Nursery. Baby and Toddlers enjoyed Christmas sing along carols and pass the parcel. The children from 2-3’s and School started practicing for their nativity play “Old Uncle Sam”. The children all participated in the production and was a great success. Warm mince pies and Tea & coffee was served in the conservatory for the parents. Squash and Ginger bread men were given to our budding stars. Father Christmas made an appearance to listen to any last requests for Christmas and receive a treat for been so good. Excellent feedback was given by parents, it was a lovely, traditional Christmas morning!

Halloween Disco

Halloween is the time of year for dressing up and a party. The conservatory was converted into a Halloween disco party room with cob webs and spooky decorations, balloons and decorations the children had made. Both children and staff both dressed up in fancy dress costumes. Prizes were awarded for the fancy-dress efforts which were fantastic. Party games were enjoyed by all and danced to the Monster Mash. The smoke machine and flashing disco lights helped create the disco feel.
The tradition of Trick or Treat was upheld, parents joined the children in going around the nursery grounds and rooms to see what behind each door, they were hunting nursery witch and to a treat!

Queens 90th Birthday

As the nation’s excitement gathered for the Queen’s Birthday Big Robins Nursery hosted its own street party to celebrate her majesty’s reaching her 90th birthday. All children were invited to the party in our own royal grounds. The playground was converted to a street lined with tables and chairs, and the party commenced. As this was a royal occasion children made and decorated their own crowns, created and coloured bunting to decorate the fence. The enjoyed a regal picnic of sandwiches, cheese & pineapple, pom bear crisps and juice, followed by fairy cakes.

Finally, all children sang happy birthday to the Queen and enjoyed a slice of homemade birthday cake.

School Rooms Trip to the Park

Ready for their own expedition to the park, packed with juice and ample sun cream, School room walked to park to play on the climbing frame and various apparatus. Children and staff enjoyed playing on the see -saw! The children were encouraged to explore the area and collected different natural items. These items were taken take back to the nursery for a thorough investigation by the school room scientists with a magnifying lens.

2-3’s Trip to the Park

Visiting the local community is always fun and adventurous. 2-3’s walked to the local park to play and explore. The children, and staff, played on the swings and slides. The children explored the park grounds. Three lads found the view of the local building site irresistible due to the many large construction trucks and diggers to watch. The children played with sticks running them down the metal fence making sounds. After 90 minutes, the fun was done and the they returned to the nursery for snack and a rest.

Sports Day and the Big Toddle - 9th July 2016

Good old British weather - On the 9th July, as with any other Sport Day the rain decided to attend and it did not stop for the duration! The race track was turned into a soggy bog. The races were postponed with the Big Toddle. All was not lost, a later start was rescheduled for the Magician and face painting. The face painting of animals was eagerly participated in by most children. The Magician with the balloon animals and magic show is always a great hit with children, while enjoying hot dogs. The parents sheltered and enjoyed hot pork and beef baps. A local farmer appeared with his tractor for the kids to investigate and a have a picture taken. The following week the sun made a reappearance and dried out the track. The sports day Sack, Egg & spoon races and Big toddle was completed the following Wednesday in tremendous, lovely sun shine!! The children completed the big toddle assault course with straw bales obstacles and numerous wild animals watching. All children completed the Toddle and were awarded their medal. Congratulation to the children they raised £256.00 pounds for Barnardo’s. – Well done!

2-3’s Planting Flowers

Never to be over shadowed 2-3’s had also joined in the planting fun. They set about diffing huge holes for their plants. In their excitement of digging and enthusiasm they excelled at getting compost all over the place! With the plants safely planted the children started the best bit of watering them in with the watering cans.

School Room Planting Flowers

As ever, School room children raised to the challenge of improving the flowerbeds and enjoyed a morning of digging in the compost and planting their own plants. Children were learning about what plants need and could discuss this whilst planting. The children got to choose which plant from the tray they wanted to plant. These were then planted in the holes dug and then covered in soil. ‘The best bit watering them!!!’ quote from a child

Hatching Chicks April 2016

To aid children’s understanding of the stages of life children observed chicks being hatched from eggs. The children marked 5 eggs with a felt pen which were then placed into the incubator. The marks on the eggs helped the children to see that the eggs were rotated every 2-3 hours during the day. The first egg cracked on the May 3rd. The children patiently watched, for the morning, the chick break free from the shell. Over the next 4 days the other chicks then hatched. The chicks were then transferred to a large container where the children could see them feeding and drinking. An artificial chicken (electric warm plate) was put in the container to keep the chicks warm. The chicks grew quickly! There a surprise visit from a duckling for 2 days, this allowed the children to compare similarities and differences. At 16 weeks, the chicks were taken away to a more appropriate environment be reared. These chicks will return to the outside run when old enough.

Car Wash Summer 2016


As part of looking after our belongings children enjoyed the morning operating their own car wash, organizing parking and cleaning teams – Little Tikes cars, scooters and children washed all at the same time! Great fun playing with warm soapy water and sponges. Well done School Room Big Robin was impressed with the clean and shiny cars!

Childrens Achievements 2015

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